Vince’s messages of self-empowerment, transformation and personal fulfillment, coupled with his engaging signature style, have the power to ignite your passion, awaken dormant potential and put you on your path to purpose. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of facts, insights and practical concepts that you can apply immediately to get better results in any and every area of your life. Vince brings science, spirituality and very diverse life experiences into conversation, sharing the secrets to nurturing powerful relationships, living a fulfilling life and having a successful business

Vince’s dynamic speaking style challenges individuals and teams


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to recognize what you uniquely offer the world in your talents and gifts. He is a highly sought after motivational teacher because he is authentic and brings a unique brand of positive energy with his conversational style that can engage and uplift any audience, anywhere in the world. He shares with you concepts and philosophies in a way you not only understand but can implement in achieving the life of your desires.

From transforming lives to growing businesses to rewriting legacies, Vince empowers audiences with unique insights and actionable strategies to recognize and reframe beliefs and perceptions enabling you to life your way. As an audience member, you will discover your ability to design and live your life passionately and on purpose, ignite and boost productivity, shift your leadership paradigm, unlock your passion and rediscover inner strength and hidden talent.

Keynote Speeches:

Your Life, Your Rules

The Quantum Thought Leader

Create Your Miracle Life

Finding Joy in Finding You

Custom Talks


Vince’s message is universal and can be adapted for multiple platforms and audiences. Whether it’s a high-profile corporate event, morale-building in your organization or educating and inspiring groups of all ages, Vince engages groups with his distinct charm and charisma. He does thorough pre-event research and customizes his programs for each audience, industry, and circumstance. His engaging and captivating style grabs the crowd from the moment he steps to the podium, resulting in a program that is engaging, energetic, and packed with usable information on how to transform any area of your life.

Popular Topics:

Connect to your true potential.

Change your thoughts, change your results.

The power of purpose, vision and goals.

Rediscover and act on your lifelong passions

Believe in your abilities and possibilities

Understand the role fear plays in your success

Discover your inner strength and hidden talents

Unlock and maximize human potential



Vince is an expert in curriculum design and facilitation. His online training programs are second to none and are designed to accommodate every type of learner. His experiential workshops are tailored to the attendees maximizing their experience. All his training programs are available to groups or individuals. For more information, click here.


Vince is a master of assisting his coaching clients achieve extraordinary results through self-discovery and empowerment. During your sessions you will build a blueprint for a happy and successful life and/or business and identify beliefs and perceptions that may sabotage you along the way. For more information, click here.


Vince is constantly learning about new things to share, offering trainings, and meeting new people that will be very beneficial to you in every aspect of your life. He also shares information from his mentors in several different specialties. By signing up for his email list you will receive emails, videos, links, blogs and other valuable information weekly.


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