Sophia Retreat Center

Mary and Vince wanted a venue that energetically supported the mission of Imagine Miracles. In October of 2014, they purchased the Sophia Retreat and Event Center in Southwest Colorado. Surrounded by some of Colorado's most beautiful mountain ranges, Sophia is located close to Mesa Verde and 28 other national parks, forests and monuments.

The center isn't just for the most exclusive Imagine Miracles events, but is open to the public. Facilitators, organizers, business leaders and families will find Sophia the perfect venue for their events. For more information and to visit our website, click here or visit us at


Vince is an expert in curriculum design and facilitation. His online training programs are second to none and are designed to accommodate every type of learner. His experiential workshops are tailored to the attendees maximizing their experience. All his training programs are available to groups or individuals. For more information, click here.


Vince is a master of assisting his coaching clients achieve extraordinary results through self-discovery and empowerment. During your sessions you will build a blueprint for a happy and successful life and/or business and identify beliefs and perceptions that may sabotage you along the way. For more information, click here.


Vince is constantly learning about new things to share, offering trainings, and meeting new people that will be very beneficial to you in every aspect of your life. He also shares information from his mentors in several different specialties. By signing up for his email list you will receive emails, videos, links, blogs and other valuable information weekly.


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